Why I Want to Be a Teacher

Why I Want to Be a Teacher

"Why I want to be a Teacher"?  is a question I often ask myself.

Last night I was playing against a friend of mine who is an amazing pro billiard player, and after he dominated the end of the rack I asked him how he was able to make 2 incredible shots against me to win the game.

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He could give me no real answer. All he said was “I visualized the shot and knew I had it.”

I have found that some of the most incredibly super talented people to be terrible teachers.  

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How To Make WordPress Child Theme

How To Make a WordPress Child Theme

If you want to learn how to make a WordPress Child Theme, you have come to the right place. If you plan to build websites of any value, this is essential learning.

Whenever you begin to build a new WordPress website using ANY theme, you should always convert your new WordPress site into a Child Theme.

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 ALWAYS do this before further customizing your theme or doing ANYTHING else to your site.

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Screencast-O-Matic: Easy Free Video Screen Capture Software

Screencast-O-Matic:  Free Video Screen Capture Software That's Easy!

If you are in the market for easy free video screen capture software and are looking for something that is simple and cost-effective, Screencast-O-Matic does the trick.

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This is truly a great all-in-one video screen recorder and editor. There is also a Pro Version upgrade which is still very inexpensive that gives you full editing capabilities, music, and many other bells and whistles.

In my no-nonsense review I am going to tell you what I like about Screen-O-Matic, and then I am going also tell you what the limits of this software are.

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How To Make My Site Load Faster

Have you ever wondered, "How to Make My Site Load Faster?"

How To Make My Site Load Faster is something you may have wondered, but never knew how.

Herein lies the nuclear solution, it can be quite tedious but it WORKS.

Follow this recipe for success step-by-step and you will achieve twice your speed. This will vastly improve your website loading speeds on both desktop and mobile.

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FINAL Thrive Architect Reviews: The Most Honest

Thrive Architect Reviews: An Honest Review from a Thrive Architect User

Here is one of the most honest Thrive Architect reviews you will ever read.

In the year of 2019, everything that is exciting in cyberspace appeals to our visual sensory. As human beings, we are highly visual animals. 

As the archaic saying goes, a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

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The design of your website and more important the utility of it plays a critical role in the success of any online business.

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Living With Focal Hand Dystonia

Living With Focal Hand Dystonia

Here is how I took my life back living with  focal hand dystonia symptoms.  After it was mysteriously almost taken away.

With a once promising music career in ruins and my sanity pushed to the edge, this is my untold true story of how I was able to comeback and make a great living by reinventing myself. 

Wanna Know How I Gained My Life Back?

If you are a musician or an artist, or have ever been great at something you were extremely passionate about and then had it mysteriously taken away, my true story you are about to read of living with focal hand dystonia symptoms might hit you gut-wrenchingly hard to the core.

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I Am An American Flyer

American Airlines Affiliate Program

I am a member of the American Airlines affiliate program, and that is why I am an American Flyer.

Or flying to the most exotic places in paradise?

I am sure many of you have.

That's why I fly American.

There are affiliate links within this post. What this  means is that if you decide to purchase anything through one of my links, I'll be rewarded with a small commission at absolutely no extra cost to you. This small commission helps me run and maintain my website.

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