Facebook is for Profit

Facebook Is For Profit

No longer will I ever be disillusioned, Facebook is for profit now, and they will never turn back.

I learned a valuable lesson recently wen something surprising handed me a rude awakening.

WOW!What just happened??!!

Facebook Got Me!


That’s what happened.

Simply by sharing an innocuous post on my Business Page. It was immediately blocked.

And later it was unpublished.

Yet I made sure the post I shared had zero affiliate links or any URL showing.

Was this post even remotely “spammy”. Not even close!

This post was clearly "...value over spam!"

There are affiliate links within this post. What this means is that if you decide to purchase anything through one of my links, I'll be rewarded with a small commission at absolutely no extra cost to you. This small commission helps me run and maintain my website.

Facebook is for profit and is playing a 2 faced game

Facebook’s 2 Face Game

As someone replied in a recent post, “….Facebook is playing a two face game. They want to maximize ad revenue, but in order to do this, they need authentic contribution within their platform.”

Kyle, Why Are We still Focusing On Facebook?

This commenter was right.. But guess what?

Only partially.

Because this post was definitely an authentic contribution.

Yet it still got blocked.

Facebook is definitely playing a “2 face game” but they are now going WAY too far.

Facebook is for profit, better pay for ads

Pay for Our Ads, We Won’t Block You

As I said in my last post, Facebook currently does not care about the entrepreneur unless you are buying their ads.

Here was a post I shared directly on my Business Page. I was only following the instructions for the SAC Challenge assignment to the letter. Hoping to get some organic engagement?

Also as you can see, I was also very careful when I shared it not to show the URL of the post.

As I said earlier, this post share was not even remotely “spammy”. It had zero affiliate links showing and did not even display the URL - and Facebook STILL blocked it.

Note also I have posted other blog posts including all of my product reviews in the same way, and they weren’t blocked. Why this one?

Oh, make no mistake: this is what I call "The Great Squeeze Play" by the Facebook Borg.

Their actions are telling us, "You BETTER buy our ADS or we will flag and block your perfectly valuable and helpful shared content on your Business Pages. And we won't allow you to TALK to each other in Groups, unless you are Friends." (....in a Sinister Mechanical Voice)

Pay to Play

Facebook is for Profit: Pay to Play

This strongly supports what I very clearly wrote in my last article, and is irrefutable proof of what Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook has publicly stated was Facebook’s initiative in 2019:

Without a doubt, that Facebook has now gone back to prioritizing personal interactions and placing LESS emphasis on Business Pages is absolutely true.

This also proves that Facebook only wants your ad revenue. And doesn’t want you to gain organic engagement on your Business Pages. Unless you PAY them.

It's only "Pay-to-Play" on Facebook , Ladies and Gents!

Facebook is for profit, Comments from Community

Facebook is for Profit: Comments from Our Awesome Community

Here are some highly sobering comments made from my awesome community of 1.5 million worldwide members about adding new accounts with Business Pages and the current state of Facebook:

I have a Facebook page, and I'm seriously thinking of abandoning it. I will keep it live in case I want to buy Facebook ads, otherwise it's not worth the effort. From what I've read and seen, even pages with hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans bring almost no traffic to their website.

I suppose it can be good for brand building, but otherwise, it's not worth it because they won't show your content in the news feed anyway. And if they do, it's VERY fleeting. Same with Twitter,.YouTube seems to be good. Pinterest seems to be good. The others? I'm not convinced. – Anonymous

 Kaju, I'm so sorry you are having such a challenging time with FB. You and so many out there... This just goes to show that they mean what they say - personal interactions are the way to go now. I thinks business pages (unless you are paying for ads) are not as important now. It's personal profile contacts going towards building FB groups that will get you better organic reach. - Anonymous

Well said, you have now proven it for sure.
Experiment of posting on FB with your valuable content = a waste of your valuable time UNLESS you have the ad budget and can see a return on that (& know how to).
This shows it is beyond reasonable doubt not the way to get organic engagement so you can save time and give that time to other social media platforms instead.
Well done 🙂

I checked what thet other member said about "And we won't allow you to TALK to each other in Groups, unless you are Friends."

Here is what Facebook say on Groups:
"On August 22, existing Chats in Facebook Groups will be archived.
We launched Chats in Facebook Groups a year ago so group members could have real-time communication with other group members. Starting August 16, the option to start a Messenger chat in a group will no longer be available.

Existing chats in groups will become read-only on August 22. All participants of a group chat will still be able to view the conversation history by searching for the chat in Messenger but they will not be able to add new people or continue to send messages within that particular chat. However, you will still be able to start a group chat with anyone who you are friends with or are connected to in Messenger.

We believe there is great value in group members being able to communicate in real time, and we are exploring new features to enable that." - Anonymous

Facebook is for profit, my Conclusion

Facebook is for Profit: My Conclusion

Once again, as someone from my recent post correctly stated, “Facebook is playing a 2 face game.”

As I stated yesterday, I am only sharing my blog posts on Facebook to “check off the boxes” for  various content challenges.

Box Checked.

Assignment now complete.

However, now that I’ve actually experienced first-hand how Facebook currently operates - unless through some miracle Facebook later proves me wrong - this will only motivate me even more to continue seeking engagement by sharing my posts on LinkedIn and other social media.

Please feel free to leave your comments here about your experience with Facebook recently, and whether you now believe Facebook is for profit.

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  • Florencio Quinones says:

    Facebook in my opinion will no longer exist in the near future. There’s way to many things going wrong with that particular platform. Hacked personal information, pay-to-play schemes, and what happened to you is what’s happening to a lot of others who use this social media platform. I myself have never used Facebook because I knew sooner or later they would change all of the rules to better benefit themselves. GREED!! No more, no less!

    Love the post Kaju, I think this post will benefit a lot of Facebook users who are looking for different ways of communicating through social media. I’ll take your advice in a heartbeat. Thank you for sharing Kaju!

    • Kaju says:

      Thank you for your valuable comment here Florencio, we all need to candidly share our experiences, whether they are good but especially if they are not ao good so others could benefit and not avoid the same pitfalls. Obviously I agree with you on all counts.

      It would be great if others who read this will benefit by using other social media to enhance their businesses. Thanks again for taking my advice nd for your strong support.


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