Facebook for Non-Profit Organizations

Facebook for Non-Profit Organizations

Facebook for Non-Profit Organizations is a current push Facebook is implementing to help non-profit organizations raise greater donations for their causes.

Many of us who do social media do not realize how much Facebook has invested into non-profit organizations and to the tools that can help them achieve successful fundraising campaigns.

Wanna Know How I Gained My Life Back?

On Friday morning, myself and my long-time partner were invited to and attended a special Facebook Live event for non-profit organizations called “Boost Your Cause”


This enlightening Facebook non-profit event was held in the Alexandria Science Center at Apella.

facebook for non-profit organizations in NYC

The beautiful event space where Facebook held this event had panoramic views of the East River, the Ed Koch Memorial Bridge, the Water Club, and the Kips Bay area of Manhattan.

Now as you many reading this may know, over the past 16 months since Facebook’s violation of Anti-Trust Laws unfolded as a result of the London-based consulting firm Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has shifted their once business-centric focus back to personal profiles.

However, Facebook apparently has shifted their business concerns more so to non-profit organizations who raise considerable money for various humanitarian causes on Facebook.

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3 facebook for non-profit organizations

3 New York City Facebook for Non-Profit Organizations

This conference focused on 3 New York City Facebook for Non-Profit Organizations in three different niches who are using Facebook tools for raising donations in conjunction with Facebook ads for their major humanitarian causes.

Boost your Cause

These three (3) non-profit leaders for this "Boost Your Cause" event were interviewed on stage by Facebook.

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Kaju Name Tag

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Facebook Wall

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However, there was a Main Q & A where the REAL non-profit stars of the event were interviewed.

The speakers were as follows.

Kindness.org:  Melissa Burmester

This is a non-profit organization that is going the extra mile to encourage people to commit random acts of kindness.

Kindness.org is only 2 years young and initially produced a You Tube video that went viral by generating 120 million+ views.

This viral video was of a man young man visiting various strangers and helping them with random acts of kindness.

Videos and Images

Rising Tide Capital:  Esther Frazer

Since 2004, Rising Tide Capital has had a vision is to build a replicable model for high-quality entrepreneurial development services on the local level to be adopted to low-income communities.

Their mission has been to assist struggling individuals and communities to build strong and successful businesses. They receive donations through Facebook ads.

The Adventure Project

The Adventure Project:  Becky Straw

This non-profit is truly amazing.

The Adventure Project creates a charity focused on businesses. They have created over 1800+new jobs for people living below the poverty line.

All year round, the Adventure Project works directly with on-the-ground partners to recruit and teach local people to become entrepreneurs. 

Those people in turn learn how to sell products or services to their communities, earning commissions from every sale.

This organization has already raised $4.5 million dollars on Facebook all through $200 donations.

facebook for non-profit organizations tools for raising donations

Facebook for Non-Profit Organizations: Tools for Raising Donations

The rest of the event was devoted to a video presentation demonstrating the use of Facebook Tools for Raising Donations.

Facebook for Non-Profit Organizations tools included:

  • Setup of a Facebook Ads Manager account for non-profit organizations
  • How to add and use the Facebook pixel to track donations
  • How to use other valuable Facebook tools to run a non-profit funding campaign
facebook for non-profit organizations pages

Facebook Pages

A Page gives any nonprofit a voice and presence on Facebook.

Posting to your Pages serve as a hub for connecting your community, while posting on a non-profit organization’s page creates an opportunity for new people to discover your organization.

Anyone who “Likes” your Page can see your posts in the News Feed or when they visit Facebook. People share your comments with their friends, or “Like” your posts.

facebook for non-profit organizations groups

Facebook Groups

Groups create communities of people who interact directly with each other.Non-profit organizations use Facebook Groups to create specialized communities of people who interact directly with each other.

Groups can be public, closed or secret. Non-profit organizations through groups can share exclusive updates, photos or events.

Non-profit group members can also collaborate on documents, run their business through comments, and can message each other privately.

Groups are a great way to coordinate activities or provide exclusive content to a select set of people. Ultimately they are helpful for communicating with a segment of your supporters.

facebook for non-profit organizations ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can help the non-profit organization reach new people across the globe on Facebook who may be interested in that value proposition of that non-profit organization.

Facebook Ads are paid content. Ads can appear in the right hand column, and they can also directly in News Feed. When creating any ad, the non-profit organization will choose the objective they wish to achieve and the audience the non-profit wants to see that ad.

Donate Button

Facebook Donate Buttons:

Add a Facebook “Donate Button” to your Page header so that ads will direct people to donate to any website of their choice.

You can also add a donate button to Page posts, any page header, and even live video to allow people to donate directly on Facebook with a touches of the button

All Eligible nonprofits can apply for a Donate Button.


Facebook Fundraisers:

Facebook Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your nonprofit on Facebook.

A chosen non-profit organization’s supporters are allowed to setup a dedicated page to share their story, inform others what their mission happens to be, and create a rally around a fundraising goal

facebook for non-profit organizations is a great opportunity

So undoubtedly, Facebook has geared some wonderful opportunities for Facebook for non-profit organizations using some very sophisticated tools for raising donations.

This 2-hour event was certainly worth its while and quite informative.

facebook for non-profit organizations breakfast

Plus there was quite a nice breakfast spread to start!

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  • This is some great information about Facebook I had no idea they were that involved in non-profit ventures, I had the impression that Facebook was only a place for sharing ideas with friends. I am very interested in the non-profit buttons on my page how do I apply for one and what type of organization would be qualified, an example would a church would be qualified.

    • Kaju says:

      Hi Ruth,
      I just attended this special event yesterday in NYC, I never was aware either how much Facebook is involved with non-profits.
      I will look into this further, and will let you know, my friend:)


  • Mitch Crim says:

    Heretofore, Facebook has always been a for-profit venture. It’s great to see their someone in the organization has recognized the need to look at the other side of the coin! I will definitely look at the non-profits mentioned in the article!

    • Kaju says:

      Yes I agree it is great to see that Facebook is now focusing on Non-Profits.

      The cynic in me thinks they are trying to clean up their mess from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but I truly want to believe they care about helping non-profit organizations.

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