Create a Google Smart Campaign

Create a Google Smart Campaign

If you want greater reach for your business, you would be wise to create a Google Smart Campaign.

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Google is currently giving wonderful FREE classes across major cities in the world about the subject. Recently I sat in a class at the Google headquarters in New York City, so let me share what I learned about a Google Smart Campaign.


You can now create and launch your ad campaigns in 5 minutes or less when you use Google Ads Smart Campaigns.

Smart Campaigns are Google’s solution for small businesses. These consumer-friendly campaigns can be set up in only a few steps and then work to constantly improve your ad around your business goals.

With Google Smart Campaigns, ad creations for your campaign, audience targeting, ad delivery across Google channels, and landing page creation are all automated based on the advertiser's goal.

Your ads can appear either in the Google Search Network or the Google Display Network.

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Google Smart Campaign, here are the facts.

The Facts About a Google Ads

As a first solution, the Google Ads brand is designed specifically for small businesses.

Their Pay structure model is Pay-Per-Click (PPC), which means that Google will only charge the advertiser anytime a user clicks on the ad. The PPC rate is defined by Google. The user gets to define the maximum amount (or “cap”) Google can charge them per day or other pre-set length of duration i.e., $10.20.

The Image Picker feature allows you to submit up to 3 images (or likely slightly different versions of the same image) to be tested in combinations with ad copy.

Google’s ever-changing algorithm will “auto-magically” place your ads with other advertisers in order at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for a given category according to the BEST MATCH for the query – NOT based on how much WE pay for the ad.

So you can’t get your ad to the Top of Page 1 in the SERP’s by paying Google more.

Then you simply Create Your Ad.

With Google Ads Smart Campaigns, you are allowed to choose 2 different Headlines for the same Ad with a maximum of 30 characters each, 1 Description line up to a maximum 90 characters, and to display one URL. This will display as your Meta Title, Meta Description, and URL.

There are also Analytics provided that shows your actual and estimated performance. You can pause your Google Ads Smart Campaigns at any time. It is totally in your control.

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Google Ads Smart Campaigns is the default campaign type for new advertisers in Google Ads. The main thrust behind Smart Campaigns advertising products is to simplify everything for marketers. Smart Campaigns are designed for small and local businesses that don’t have any kind of marketing staff and even some who do not have websites.

Let’s face it, we are all looking for easier solutions. Small businesses like the ones many of us operate use digital marketing but face these challenges. Google connects users to local business that is within close proximity 9 billion times per month, including 3 million direction requests.

Did you know that Smart Campaigns are almost completely automated? This includes ad creatives to delivery optimization, based on the product or service being advertised and the goal the advertiser sets.

Google Ads Smart Campaigns are built on AdWords Express technology, AdWords Express was originally called Boost. Smart Campaigns are three times more effective at reaching a business’s target audiences than AdWords Express campaigns.

Case in point. Honest Soul Yoga in Alexandria, Virginia was an early tester for Google when Smart Campaigns first debuted in May 2018.

The business claims to have doubled its number of intro offers in its first 60 days using Smart Campaigns.

Creating a Google Smart Campaign

Creating a Google Smart Campaign

Creating a Google Smart Campaign is very simple:

  • Create a Google Ads account by first typing in
  • Enter your Business Name
  • Select a Goal for your Google Ad

Get more calls

Get more visits to your physical location

Get more website sales and sign ups

  • Choose Areas Where Yours Ads will Show

Where are your customers?

What’s your business address?

What's the radius of your business address?

  • Describe Your Product or Service

What language do you want to advertise in?

What’s your business category?

Which products do you want to promote?

  • Create Your Ad

Add 2 Headlines (each up to a max. of 30 characters)

Add a Description (up to a max. of 90 characters)

That’s all, your Ad Campaign is set!

And this will only take you 5 minutes!

Google Smart Campaign comments

Create a Google Smart Campaign: Comments from My International Community

Here are what some of the awesome members said in comments about adding a Google Smart Campaign to their online business:

It seems the focus is on small local stuff. How about sites that are global by nature? If it can be applied globally, what is the best profile of the advertised post, single-product review, or lists-posts? – Anonymous

What a great idea! It will be very useful in order to develop us more easily and to make our brand known. I will not hesitate to try. Thank you for sharing with us the useful information you have learned, it is very generous of you, as always. – Anonymous

Good afternoon my brother, once again thank you for the information. I do have a Facebook business page, however this sounds very interesting, I'm going to do it today, thank you again, have a great one. – Anonymous

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Great Post Kaju. it was certainly worth the walk over the road to the Google training.
We want more next week, please. – Anonymous

So your saying Google smart ads is the default?
I'm using them and the bid strategy is managed automatically, I can't adjust it. – Anonymous

These are good. Facebook has these as well but they’re very expensive.
If you already have a following and your content is good it might be worth it, but be careful. – Anonymous

Hmm... This is a pretty new one to me, but It seems great advice to give it a try.
I will be trying this someday. Thanks for sharing Kaju. – Anonymous

This is a great share, Google continues to make it easier for content writers even with their PPC campaigns.
Thank you for sharing this with the community. – Anonymous

That's Great news but $10 or 20 per day is too much. – Anonymous

This sounds very interesting and worth a try. - Anonymous

My Conclusion on Google ad campaigns

Create a Google Smart Campaign: My Conclusion

Creating a Google Smart Campaign can be a highly worthwhile endeavor for your online business. Since this is a PPC campaign (pay per click), you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

However, you need to be careful. Like any ad campaign, if you aren’t scrupulous in your decisions, your ad costs can creep up in a hurry. The key is to set your daily limit at a reasonable maximum that you will be able to afford.

Furthermore, I will not sugar coat what is happening. Since the latest  algorithm change from the June Google Core Update was implemented, it is harder than ever for newer niche sites and money making online sites to gain organic traffic.

It appears the best way for new sites to gain traction now is through Google Smart Campaign ads.

Here are my Final Recommendations:

  • Think of the maximum amount you are comfortable to pay monthly
  • Divide this monthly amount by 30 to set your maximum daily limit
  • Add 15% to this amount to cover contingencies, i.e., Holidays, days you are not paying attention, etc.

Follow all the guidelines in this article plus my final 3 recommendations, and you will be well ahead of the curve in placing successful Google Smart Campaign ads. This can drastically increase your traffic and add to your conversions.

The bottom line, is the more conversions you bring to your business, the more profitable your business will be.

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In case you ever decide to use PPC ads, I really hope this primer will help you to get started using Smart Campaigns.

Please feel free to add any comments below.

Thank You for reading. Also feel free to ask any questions or offer any opinions below.

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