Classic Editor of WordPress, Should We Stay or Go?

Classic Editor of WordPress, Should We Stay or Go?

Many long-time users were not so sure at first what to do when first posed the question “There is a plugin to keep the Classic Editor of WordPress, should we stay or go?”

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Fortunately, this is when I made my decision to purchase this most amazing drag and drop WordPress editor. This certainly eased my decision. But let me go on and tell you the rest of this story.


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Classic Editor of WordPress, is it better than Gutenberg?

Classic Editor of WordPress Move Over: Gutenberg is Here

We all have had our own personal reasons for resistance toward major change at one point or another, and I am no different Ladies and Gents.

As webmasters, we all had been using the classic editor of WordPress for several years and grown accustomed to it.. We had grown to know the editor inside and out. It was like a comfortable glove.

Then Gutenberg was released.

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When the new Gutenberg editor was first released late last year with the WordPress 5.0.1 update, I was also undecided like many about what to do.  I was also in the middle of updating several of my sites.

But I was not ready for Gutenberg yet – between all the work I had to do and also still being bogged down with a major flu bug, I could not spend the extra time to divert my attention away to learn the new Gutenberg drop and drag WordPress editor. I decided I would rather keep my focus on the essential matters.

I suppose this is what was to be expected.

Low and behold, that’s when the Classic Editor plugin magically appeared in my WordPress dashboard.

Saved by the Classic Editor of WordPress

Saved by the Classic Editor of WordPress Plugin

Sometimes it’s just hard to say goodbye.

Naturally, since WordPress gave us all the option to install and activate the “Classic Editor” plugin and it would remain available for at least 2 more years, this was a no-brainer.

As a result, over 1 million + users opted to go back to their familiar “warm and cozy” classic editor of WordPress.

Classic Editor of WordPress

Personally although I had just purchased this most amazing suite of high conversion products that would fill all of my content marketing needs, I would still end up uploading the free classic editor plugin and then re-activated the classic editor of WordPress.

Classic Editor of WordPress, Comments from my Awesome Community

Classic Editor of WordPress or Gutenberg: Comments from Our Amazing Community

When asked if we should stay with the Classic WordPress editor or switching to Gutenberg, here is what my amazing worldwide community of 1.5 million internet marketers and webmasters had to say.

It’s very interesting, since the majority of opinions here were quite mixed.

I prefer the classic editor which I am still using. – Anonymous

They seem to have messed up a lot concerning media with the Guttenberg editor.
I almost immediately got the Classic plugin.If it's not broke, don't fix it.
I don't see what was wrong with it in the first place.- Anonymous

Looks like from all the replies below that the Classic Editor is the way to go for now. I prefer to also stay with that. Let the really good tech folks work out the kinks and then I will bite the bullet. I put the plugin in after about 2 hours of getting really frustrated.- Anonymous

I tried the Gutenberg and hated it - back to Classic and that is where I am staying until the time comes that I must force myself to use it I have more learning to do without that on top of it 🙁
Are you wrong I do not think so many of us are staying with the Classic too many bugs still happening with the Gutenberg 🙂 - Anonymous

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Thanks Kaju! I’m also staying with Classic, I feel I’m just getting familiar with all the ins and outs of building out my site the way I want it to look.Now is just not the right time for me to try and switch boats midstream.
If I start another site next year I might try using Gutenberg from the beginning. I feel that it would be easier to learn on a new site rather than my existing one that was built using Classic. That’s my 2 cents! – Anonymous

I have to go for the classic editor, I'm getting pushed with the new one. - Anonymous

Hey, Kaju, I updated to 5.01 myself and went back to the classic editor myself because that is what I used to and really don't like change that much. Too much change too fast is not good and things are changing too fast too soon for me that is. I understand that change is good but this too fast for me.I don't think you did a disservice to yourself. Because it is much easier with the old way then the new way. So good for you my friend. – Anonymous

You are not alone Kaju, Although I usually embrace change, this time around the learning curve is a little too steep to jump in right away. I am not saying that WordPress 5.0 is no good, just that it is a bit too much to take in all at once. I had the Gutenberg plugin, but after trying it I figured it was too much to learn for now and deleted the plugin.- Anonymous

Classic stuff

New is not always better. There are many releases and updates that are full of bugs and problems. Developers keep themselves in business releasing new things that get pushed on all of us. I go through this at work all the time and have had lots of problems recently.

I would stick with the Classic. If is better to prioritize your time and do what you know you need to do (create content etc). Then when you have time you can learn the new version. That is my 2 cents. - Anonymous

Believe me, the high number of posts here from people struggling with the new editor, means you are NOT wrong to stick with the Classic Editor. I, have tried it and I do not like it at all. I find the Classic Editor far easier to use. Judging by the fact that over 1 million people have already reverted to the Classic Editor (by the stats in WordPress plugins) it has not gone down too well! – Anonymous

As Jon says below, and I agree with him, this is my second time of trying Gutenberg and I don't like it at all. On all my sites I have re-installed the classic editor as you have done That said, I don't even use the classic editor, because I use Thrive Themes Membership, because of its functionality and flexibility that makes blog posts and construction of blogs just a fun and enjoyable thing to do

If your happy with Classic stick with what you know and like. - Anonymous

Here were the commenters who supported Gutenberg:

Hi...whatever is best for you. Eventually we will have to change. So I'm doing it now because I still feel I'm in the learning stages of developing my site so I will use the latest, greatest. Marion's training makes it look so easy. It's more...what you see us what you get. I like it. – Anonymous

Probably going to roll uphill on this one, Gutenberg is here stay, the release candidate that went live, probably has a few glitches in it and from reading it is only the start, of things to come.

Reading between the lines Gutenberg is the start of a new direction for WordPress, and looking at history WordPress its self was a divergence from another CMS. Getting in on the ground floor can have its advantages moving forward, more so if you are in the design and development market.

Like much of the online world we are in a state of constant change, and as marketers, we need to develop the ability to adapt. As a flow, if you have an existing site go for the classic editor, changing midstream can seriously impact that creative flow and as we know content is what keeps us in the game, throttling back can be counterproductive. Like everything, there is a learning curve.

Ignoring Gutenberg is not an option moving forward, so if you are in the WordPress camp embrace it.
As it is early days just stick with the classic, until you feel comfortable to move on or adapt it into your business.

Use your mental power, I hope that folks have or if they have not will create a test site on the Site Rubix platform and play around with the new editor, it can be the best way to go. When the confidence level is up, look at using it for new builds or if you feel the need for adventure dive right in and go for it on a new build. I guess the bright test is, will it bring value to my business and will it add value to my blogging capabilities.

If the answer is yes persevere. 
If the answer is no stick with the tried and true. – Anonymous

Classic guitar

I see two trains of thought, people who have tried it, hated it and given up. And people who have tried it, hated it, persevered and eventually seen the light. It is a better editor and I couldn't go back.

But I get your point about being in a particularly busy time and or being ill. So maybe you are right to postpone your right of passage. Until a time when you can spend the time to work through the kinks. TBH it’s got New Year resolution written all over it. – Anonymous

I've got the hang of Gutenberg. The only thing I have not been able to work out is some editing around photos where they were added within the old system. Sometimes they do not form an image and text block and you cannot edit the image.
Aside from that I no longer bite my lip and pull my hair out.- Anonymous

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Being able to work with blocks gives you a lot more flexibility in the way you design your posts, but for a simple straightforward blog post, Classic is fine. My theme allows me to work with blocks so Gutenberg is not a big thing. I suggest experimenting with it on an occasional more formatted post. I think you will like it. – Anonymous

The new editor is not difficult to use and I have used it for writing 2 to 3 posts but the only problem I am facing is its toolbar does not show the button for a plugin like Pretty Link and I have to open plugin in a new tab to use it which really make the job difficult as I have to insert the links manually. So back to classic editor till I find a solution..- Anonymous

Yes you are missing out. The new version is so much better in just ways I can’t describe.
It takes literally 1 day to get used to.- Anonymous

Staying with Classic Editor of WordPress, was it wrong?

Staying with Classic, Was It Wrong?

So at the time (for me at least), by staying with the Classic Editor of WordPress rather than activating Gutenberg – was I wrong to do so?

Keep this in mind. WordPress is now keeping the “Classic Editor” active through their free plugin until March 2021 (so there will be plenty of time to learn Gutenberg later).

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

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For those who installed the Classic WordPress plugin, are we all missing out and/or doing ourselves a disservice by not learning the new Gutenberg WordPress editor straight away?

Please leave your comments below.

Any and all of your feedback will be most appreciated.

Your input on this matter is very valuable to everyone in our awesome community.

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