Building Blocks to Success

Building Blocks to Success

Here I want to give you the building blocks to success.

Anytime you feel frustrated, de-motivated, and lack enthusiasm, don’t forget you are building a business, one block at a time.

Like a bricklayer building a house, you first need to lay a solid and concrete foundation before all the bricks will lead to the building blocks of your success.


building blocks to success requires a foundation

A solid foundation is essential and takes time.

Compare your business to a beautiful new home. Every single brick that makes up your future house is dependent on that strong foundation.

Anytime you feel tired, discouraged, and unproductive, don’t forget the Little Steps are What Count.

So don’t be such in a hurry. Be patient. This is a marathon not a sprint. Over time, if you follow my “little steps” here you will definitely succeed.

The little steps will help you to succeed

Every little step adds up over time and contributes to your building blocks to success. Don’t be so in a hurry. This is a marathon not a sprint. Over time, if you follow my “little steps” here you will succeed.

In fact, you will crush it.

But first, you need to get organized.

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To begin building blocks to success, get your house in order

To Begin Building Blocks to Success: Get Your House in Order

Make a Daily List.

A List of the Most Important Things to Accomplish for your business in One Day to keep your progress moving forward. I know you have heard this before in one form or another, but it certainly bears repeating.

Write it down.

For me, this is a list of actions that will range anywhere between 8 to 15 items.

Write a list of actions

Being old school, I prefer brainstorming first then using a pencil and paper, I then transfer it to my phone or computer. Or if I am on the go, I will write my ideas on my phone.

Then before I go to sleep, I go over my list to make sure it’s all in order for the next day. Alternately, you can write this daily list on your computer or your phone.

It doesn’t matter where you make your list. Just get it recorded in a place you will easily retrieve it.

Now follow that list. Seems easy, right? Except there is one other little thing we all too often do not bear into account.

How Our Brains work

The Reality of How Our Brains Work

Some days we feel like we can crush it. We feel refreshed, invigorated, and have extra time, and our energy and focus will accomplish ALL 10 items on our list.

These are our BEST days.

However, the reality is these days are few and far between.

Keep this in mind, the issue is we rarely are at our best. We all get into funks, we all suffer writer’s block, and we all get tired. We get sick. We get distracted. We get lazy.

We are all too human. And we are imperfect.

That’s why far too many of us set goals that are unrealistic. We are considering our own capacity when we are performing at or near our BEST.

building blocks to success in relation to our brains

Most good days, we will achieve about ½ of what is on our list.

So I have a better plan, a plan that will keep us moving forward to achieving our building blocks to success while keeping us focused and encouraged. And it works for me.

Do you want to know what it is?

It’s really quite simple.

Just do ONE.

Doing one thing is the key for building blocks to success

ONE is the Key When Building Blocks to Success


You heard me, not five, not ten, not two, just ONE.

Sure. There still will be days we feel GREAT and will get 10 or more things done on our list. When these days happen, count them as a blessing.

But this rarely happens. And when we fail to hit our unrealistic targets we get even more frustrated and discouraged and over time this spirals out of control.

We fall into an even deeper hole.

Don’t fall into that trap. All you need to do is ONE.

However, now that we have set such a low daily standard, we must make it our habit to remain vigilant in other ways.

So it all boils down to this.

building blocks to success requires consistency

Be Consistent Every Day

The key then is, Be Consistent.


Do a minimum of ONE item, but make sure you do at least one EVERY day.

Block 6

This will keep you on target toward achieving your building blocks to success.

One block at a time.

building blocks to success To Do List

Here is One of MY Daily “Building Blocks to Success” Lists

The following list is one of my own personal daily checklists I use for my blogging.

Usually I will update and revise this list every week as needed.

Taking even an extra 5-10 minutes to review this list every morning not only sets my mind in the right winning frame, it helps me to laser focus on each task in front of me.

Think of each task on this daily list as a building block to success. A soon as I achieve each task completely (with cutting corners by cheating), I will check it off my list.

It is also very important that you focus on the quality you achieved by completing each task, by making sure it the task was completed properly.

My Daily Checklist

Here is one of my exact lists:

  • 1)  Work on my website(s)
  • 2)  Monitor my online drop shipping store
  • 3)  Process new orders, ship current orders
  • 4)  Analyze my traffic and conversions
  • 5)  Improve my social media presence
  • 6)  Write a blog post
  • 7)  Help members on my Team
  • 8)  Complete one certification training course
  • 9)  Write down new ideas to monetize my business
  • 10)  Ask questions to improve and grow my business
  • 11)  Check my financial accounts
  • 12)  Meditate and get some fresh air
  • 13)  Celebrate my Graduation!
Celebrating my graduation

Keep in mind some of the items that don’t get covered will be carried over to tomorrow’s list.

Thanks so much for following me and reading my posts.

I hope you enjoyed this reading, and better yet have developed an even greater appreciation for the foundation you are laying!

building blocks to success is about laying one brick at a time

Remember you are building blocks to success laying one brick at a time.

Please feel free to leave any comments below.

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