Once a Pro musician, now I leverage the best ways to earn passive income

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25 Year Old World Traveler!

"Discovering Wealthy Affiliate has been an incredible influence and a life-changer for me.

By becoming a full-time online entrepreneur after starting as a beginner in 2015, the training and invaluable experience I have gained at Wealthy Affiliate has enabled me to generate a great passive income.

Now I can travel all around the world at 25 years old. I only wish I started Wealthy Affiliate earlier!"

Roope Kiuttu


We learn together as friends how to leverage the best ways to earn passive income

Firefighter To Digital Nomad!

"Finding Wealthy Affiliate changed everything for me. The training, tools, resources, and community are the best you'll find online.


Unlike the other training platforms out there that seem more focused on emptying your bank account, WA focuses on your success.

Its eye opening training, so if you're driven, but have never known where to start with regards to building your own successful online business, this is the vehicle you've been looking for. 

Get started and don't look back!"

Eric Cantu


We learn together as friends how to leverage the best ways to earn passive income

Here's How I Went from Penniless to Make Money While Sleeping

I was severely depressed after being diagnosed with focal hand dystonia

Broken. Penniless. Worthless.

That was my will, my bank account, and my spirit one year after being diagnosed with
focal hand dystonia​​​​.

Fingers curling from focal hand dystonia

For 25 years I was a working professional musician. 

I had tons of gigs, studio work, made great money, and I loved what I was doing…..and I was ALWAYS very proud of my work.

And then one morning out of the blue I woke up and couldn't play the strings the same way.
There wasn't any weird feeling, no pain, or any discomfort.

But this was different.

Unlike everyday for 25 years, my left-hand lacked total control.

It was only when I picked up my instrument (my Fender Strat guitar) as I had done every day of my life for so many years, did I first realize something was wrong.

Terribly wrong.

That's when my entire life came crashing down.

Fast-forward several years and I have reclaimed my life back.

I have become financially independent.

With a steady passive income, a new mindset and a fresh lease on life, once again I am able to afford to pay for my dream trip and stay in one of the top Presidential Suites at the Four Seasons Resort - like my trip to Bora Bora and French Polynesia in this video.

Thanks to the affiliate marketing online education that saved my life from ruin.

You can do this too. YES, you can. 

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What's this Business .... and How Do I Do It? 

I use a desktop computer to leverage the best ways to earn passive income

The business is called Affiliate Marketing!

It's not e-commerce, dropshipping, online paid surveys, or even MLM.

No face-to-face selling is required nor do you need to spend a few thousand dollars just to get started.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and some great training. 

Heck, you don't even need several hundred dollars to get started.

You can start your AMAZING online education for FREE by clicking HERE

Affiliate Marketing is promoting other individual's and companies products, services, or programs on your own website and earning a commission when someone buys them.

That simple. 

What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing? 

I use a laptop computer to leverage the best ways to earn passive income

You may still be confused about what "affiliate marketing" is exactly, so let me give you some more familiar examples. 

Ever notice the sidebar items on other people's websites when you "surf" the internet.  

Those are affiliate products.

When someone else visit's a person's website and "clicks" on one of those products on the sidebar (or within a post), that will often take them to another website where the person can purchase the product, service, or program.

What's really cool is that if someone visits your website and "clicks" on one of those products, services, or programs and BUYS something from that linking website, YOU automatically will receive a commission!

That's how you leverage one of the best ways to earn a passive income!

And the Best Parts of Affiliate Marketing are:

1) You earn a GUARANTEED commission on every sale

2) You NEVER need to directly sell anything

3) You're NEVER responsible for contacting the customer, servicing them, shipping, or delivery. The seller IS.

4) You are your own BOSS working for yourself, FREE to set your own hours, and your earnings are unlimited! 

All YOU have to do is:

1)  Build a website

2)  Get people to visit your website (traffic)

3)  Display your affiliate products on your Pages (promoting)

4)  Go to sleep......and wake up to new commissions! 


Those products, services, and programs are connected from your website to the website where the person will purchase via affiliate links.

Affiliate links make it possible for you to get paid your commissions. 

Even while you are sleeping. 

Okay. so you STILL aren't completely clear on what affiliate marketing is and what it looks like

So let me give you some real world examples.

Real World Examples:  Affiliate Marketing

Example 1:   American Airlines

American Airlines has one of the longest-running affiliate programs. 

In addition to their frequent flyer miles program called AAdvanavtage,  there is an incentive program where you can get a discount or a coupon code when you invite your friends to fly on American Airlines.

That's Affiliate Marketing!

You're "getting paid" for recommending your friends to purchase a product or service you like and are promoting.

American Airlines affiliate marketing program

Example 2:   Trip Advisor

Most of us have used Trip Advisor at least once in our lives to search for the Best Recommended places to travel.

I know I have.  On many occasions.

A similar concept applies. You can get a discount or a coupon code when you invite your friends or family members to book travel through Trip Advisor, book a hotel, or purchase a gift card via your unique link on their websites. 

And as I previously explained, this unique link is also known as your "Affiliate Link" or "Referral Link".

This affiliate program gives you GREAT variety when it comes to your recommendations. While there are plenty of hotels that you can recommend, TripAdvisor also offers tours, tickets to activities (like museums) and more.

All of these products will earn you a 50% commission,

one of the highest commission rates in the industry. 

Trip Advisor affiliate marketing program


The above are just a few real world examples to better help you understand the business model and to show you how affiliate marketing is actually everywhere around us.

I'm sure you can now see why Affiliate Marketing is not only everywhere around us, but why only a small subset of marketers who are "in the know" are fully utilizing it.

This offers the most savvy marketers a TREMENDOUS opportunity and advantage to leverage affiliate marketing to build multiple passive income streams.  

Personally I know that my website is working 24/7 for me, and is generating passive income when I sleep, travel, or whenever I decide to take a few days off.  

This is the reason why Affiliate Marketing is My #1 Top Recommended Online Business for anyone willing to take the necessary time and put in the hard and focused work to learn it well.

Alright, let's move on and get this out of the way ........

Okay, I have a strong feeling what you may be thinking now, tell me if I'm right. 

"Hey Kaju, you say I NEED a website to leverage one of the best ways to earn a passive income

But I have NO IDEA how to build a website, and I am really NOT GOOD at tech! 

Sounds great, but this is Scaring me to Death!

Have NO FEAR my friends ..... 

Stay with me here, cause I have something VERY IMPORTANT to tell you. 

It's Not Hard to Build a Great Website

Team success when leveraging the best ways to earn passive income

I certainly understand how daunting it can be for those who have never built websites, and who are not tech-savvy.

In fact, this can be downright scary!

But don't be scared. 

Let me tell you another tidbit of insider information from those who are already "in the know".........

It really isn't hard to build your own beautiful website that you can be PROUD of.


All you need is to have a Great Team and the Right Training behind you.

To this day, I still don't know a single line of coding.

Did you hear that, listen again......

I know NOTHING about programming.

YET without any coding experience, I am able to build AMAZING high conversion websites that are well-styled and beautiful, but most IMPORTANTLY leveraging the best ways to earn a passive income $$ (like this one).

Today using the right platform and tools as part of a comprehensive system, a website that used to take 30 days to build from scratch only 10 years ago, can be done in less than 1 Hour!!

Congratulations if you have already read this far!

It PROVES that you are willing, able, and READY to take the NEXT STEP toward learning the best ways to earn a passive income. 

You are ready, willing, and able to make positive changes in your life that will move you closer toward financial independence and freedom, and change your life forever. 

You are Ready to Take Your Life Back!

By now, I suppose you are dying to know what the heck this comprehensive system is I'm talking about I stumbled upon that has allowed me to - 

  • Easily build Beautiful Websites that turn into Money $$  (High conversions) 
  • Learn to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer (Be My Own Boss)
  • Learn to leverage the best ways to earn a passive income $$ (Passive Income streams)
  • Travel around the World to Beautiful Places (Financial freedom)
  • Take My Life Back from a Hopeless Fall  (Regain happiness)  

I would like to share this Amazing opportunity with you my Friends.....

Are You Ready?

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Once a Pro musician, now I leverage the best ways to earn passive income

Here's Your Next Step...

Here is the business model that allowed me to claim my life back, and has allowed me once again to travel around the world to the most beautiful places while making multiple passive income streams. That's money while I sleep.

If you are ready to take your life back as I have done, and are interested in making passive income through Affiliate Marketing, I would HIGHLY recommend that you give Wealthy Affiliate a try. 

This is the place where I started off as a complete "newbie" in online marketing after I lost my music career. 

  • Learned how to build beautiful websites without programming knowledge
  • Learned how to define my niche which is essential to Making Money $$
  • Learned how to drive FREE targeted traffic to my website from Google
  • Learned how to choose and promote affiliate products, one of the best ways to earn a passive income

And these above main lessons I learned barely even scratch the surface.


Within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, there are online lessons on content marketing, SEO, writing successful blogs, email marketing, e-commerce, dropshipping, creating and selling your e-Book, PLR content, guest blogging, how to sell your website, etc, ...  and this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Wealth Affiliate is one AMAZING Online University, the BEST I have ever seen. 

Here is the One Thing That Convinced Me...

Believe me, I too was skeptical at first.

But here is the ONE THING that truly convinced me to try it..........

What I LOVE about Wealthy Affiliate is that they offer newbies a completely FREE Starter Membership - in other words there is nothing to lose.  Once I got started, I realized how Amazing this platform was. Shortly after, I went Premium as I was off and running to my successful online business! 

It really Blew My Mind!

Here is what you will get by creating a FREE ACCOUNT with Wealthy Affiliate. Your FREE Starter Membership includes: 

  • 2 FREE Websites
  • Beginner Training Course, First 10 Online Lessons for FREE
  • Keyword Research Tool, 30 FREE Searches
  • Earn while you Learn
  • 1-on-1 Coaching (First 7 Days)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (Phase 1)
  • Access to Affiliate Program 
  • Website Backups
  • Live Help (First 7 Days)

The bottom line is there is really NOTHING to lose.

Let me Teach you one of the Best Ways to Earn a Passive Income.

And no credit card information is needed. 

So what is stopping you?

Give Wealthy Affiliate a try. 


...And I Will Be On the Other Side to Guide You!

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Once a Pro musician, now I leverage the best ways to earn passive income

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