9 Accountability Partner Guidelines for Smart Entrepreneurs

9 Accountability Partner Guidelines for Smart Entrepreneurs

Here are 9 accountability partner guidelines for smart entrepreneurs to live and succeed by.

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When it comes to achieving goals in any business, over the years the most important thing I’ve learned that will give us the best chance of long-term sustainable success is that we should never navigate the turbulent waters alone.

We all need an accountability partner.


Your accountability partner is the most indispensable loyal ally in your business. Next to your spouse and love ones, he or she is one of the most valuable persons in your life.

A good accountability partner is a special person who will keep your two feet firmly planted on the ground. They will share in your successes, and kick you in the butt when you fail.

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9 accountability partner guidelines keep feet planted in the ground

Your accountability partner will provide a life support line for you through all of your business’s myriad challenges.

That’s why it’s important for me to share with you my 9 accountability partner guidelines.

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9 accountability partner guidelines to find a great partner

The Definition of an Accountability Partner

A good accountability partner is not only a very special person who is involved in our business. It is someone who cares and wants us to succeed.

He or she is someone we can implicitly trust, one who will trust us equally and who will hold our trust. Our accountability partner is one of the most important persons in our lives.

To truly have a caring accountability partner we must pay-it-forward. We must be willing to give of ourselves abundantly in order to receive abundantly.  

Isn’t the pay-it-forward philosophy something that we should carry over into all aspects of our lives? Definitely!

If we want a caring and effective accountability partner who will make sure we stay on our chosen path toward success, here is the most important word of advice.

We need to be their most caring accountability partner. We must help them succeed in their goals. This should be first and foremost.

First and foremost, a good accountability partner will guide us when we seem to wander astray, and they will lift us up when we feel like giving up due to experiencing innumerable rejections,

my accountability partner

Our Indispensable Ally

During the moments when we are prone to procrastination, when we are weak and tired but need to meet that deadline – that’s when having a good accountability partner is most indispensable.

If you are fortunate like me to have one GREAT accountability partner who will guide you through the minefields during the battles you wage with yourself, you will be way ahead of the game.

Should you be one of the lucky ones to have an accountability partner who will help you combat the obstacles of navigating this labyrinth we call “online marketing “, you must be willing to completely SUBMIT yourself and GIVE to that person so they too can achieve all THEIR goals.

Don't let your dreams die

Don’t Let Your Dreams Die

I don’t care if you create lists upon lists, record self-reminders on your smartphone, or write copious notes for yourself in a journal or on a calendar.

That’s the easy part.

Most of us already know what we need to do, but our biggest challenge to leapfrog us over many difficult hurdles and obstacles to success is taking ACTION on our knowledge.

That’s where most of us get stopped dead in our tracks.

That is where dreams die. 

Don’t let your dreams die.

9 accountability partner guidelines to near succumb to road blocks

Do not succumb to the roadblocks that obstruct you and kill your forward momentum, the distractions that goad you into procrastination, and the inner fears that prevent you from taking that leap of faith.

And do you know what?

This is totally normal and acceptable. And human. We ALL have these feelings from time to time. That is simply why we need to gain the support of a caring accountability partner.

9 accountability partner guidelines to help create a role for success

The Role of an Accountability Partner

Taking action is the hardest thing for most of us, and that’s is where our accountability partners come in.

You’re accountability partner can be a spouse, your mother, a child, a business partner, a dear friend who wants to see you succeed, or a fellow entrepreneur who shares similar aspirations of your success.

When we know we have a caring person we don’t want to disappoint or let down should we slack off or completely falter, we will think twice about missing even one step.

That is what we call setting up a goal-oriented fool-proof system.

I definitely agree it’s best to record that plan on daily lists, in journals, on Google, on our computers, in our phones.

Basically use anything that works that will effectively remind you of what needs to get done next. However know that lists and audio reminders alone will NOT cause us to implement the action.

This said, no doubt we must first create a blueprint for success: a written plan of sequential steps that lead to a series of progressive ACTIONS to accomplish our goals.

9 accountability partner guidelines to help a blueprint for success

Personally, I’ve been extremely blessed to have found the most caring accountability partner in the world.

If you haven’t yet, NOW is the time to find yours.

9 accountability partner guidelines to stay on track

9 Accountability Partner Guidelines to Stay On Track

Step-by-step, here are my 9 Accountability Partner guidelines to keep smart entrepreneurs on track:

1. Weekly Meet Up: Meet in-person or setup a remote discussion on a weekly basis with your accountability partner. During this meeting share and discuss the ultimate 1-year goal for each other’s business. Take this opportunity for both you and your accountability partner to provide a general outline of each other’s short-term goals for the upcoming week, bi-week, and month.

2. Make a Promise to Each Other: Make a mutual pact with your accountability partner to hold each accountable to each other’s goals. Failure isn’t an option. TAKE ACTION and see these goals through to completion.

3. Sign a Document: Write down and duly sign a list of each other’s short-term and long-term goals, each retaining a copy of each other’s. Retain the document in a safe place. Signing a copy creates a firm commitment to hold each other’s future actions accountable.

4. Keep Shareable Records: Create a shareable Google Doc template with your accountability partner that acts as a daily 7-Day Master List of Actions. This is Master List of Actions for each day of the week will be broken down into Primary Actions (Big Steps) and Sub Actions (Small Steps).

Each shareable Google Doc will contain all of the actions each accountability partner needs to accomplish for the week. This list may also include this upcoming week’s expected appointments, blocks filled-in for social time, and ordinary non-related tasks.

Google doc for accountability

5. Update Records Weekly:  One day per week, both accountability partners should each create a NEW Google Doc from each saved template for the following week and share the new list with each other. Revising each template will be simple and straight-forward, as all that will be needed is to change a few tasks.

As soon as those changes are made, each NEW Google Doc will get automatically updated. These shareable Google Docs will be immediately visible to both you and your accountability partner.

6. Review Progress Regularly: One day per week each accountability partner should review each other’s progress for the previous week. Pick one day per week you can communicate with each other on a consistent basis.

Each accountability partner should hold each other accountable that Primary Actions (Big Steps) get accomplished. Anything that does not get accomplished should carry over to each of the following week’s NEW Google Docs.

7. Get to Know Your Accountability Partner: Keep the process fun. For accountability partners who live in close geographical proximity, make it a habit at least once per month to go out socially and enjoy time together.

Get to know your accountability partner

8. Have a Backup Plan: Inevitably slight setbacks may delay progress from time to time. Both accountability partners should agree that when this happens they will continue sticking to plans and move further with future actions like those “road bumps” never happened.

9. Balance is Key: Work hard but keep a balance. This is an important key to retaining a truly great accountability partner relationship.

Enjoy Social Time With Your Accountability Partner

Remember, social time and FUN is equally important to each other’s successes. Always set aside time for the social aspect of accountability partnership.

Ultimately, gaining the mutual TRUST of a caring accountability partner is your most valuable asset.

Thank you for reading my 9 Accountability Partner guidelines.

I would love to hear your comments, so feel free to post them here.

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