10 Continuous Process Improvement Steps

10 Continuous Process Improvement Steps

In this article, I will define my 10 continuous process improvement steps that I now follow like religion.

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These are the steps I employ in my current internet and social media marketing to generate highly successful campaigns.


10 Continuous Process Improvement Steps in marketing and AI

However, I learned these steps through my willingness to study and to take on the top professionals in pool.

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10 Continuous Process Improvement Steps taught by the Black Widow

Kaju vs. The Black Widow

Once upon a time, I wrote a 3-part trilogy called “It Happened on the Way to Vegas” about an underdog (me) beating the odds by defeating an 18-time world pool champion and winning over the graces of a major sports agent who I met on the flight over.

However, the following is about an earlier match that I lost to another top pro pool legend Hall of Famer Jeanette “The Black Widow” Lee.

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By losing this match I learned as to conquer those mistakes, and developed my 10 continuous process improvement steps for my internet marketing campaigns.

Well that upward trajectory all began a few years earlier the first-time I ever competed in a major tournament in Vegas when I played an exhibition match vs, U.S. Open Champion Jeanette Lee a.k.a. “The Black Widow.” This was when I was still a newbie to competitive pool, competing for the first-time ever in a major amateur national tournament.

The Black Widow in action

That day I learned a GREAT lesson not only in pool, but in the importance of entertaining a crowd from a master crowd pleaser!

Some say her etiquette at the table that day was “poo” but they are missing the mark - it was great FUN for both players and the crowd and the entire match was a highly entertaining spectacle!

Testament to this fact is that this video on You Tube which was never promoted or content-written for SEO, has still received 17K views and counting.

Kaju and the Black Widow, my opponent

For your entertainment, here is the video of the match. Feel free to "like" it.

Kaju vs. The Black Widow

This match happened a few years back when I was much the less experienced and not so well-developed pool player as I am today. I was extremely lucky to have had a hand-held camera with me and to find a friendly stranger willing to take this video!

Although in the end I lost this match, I came very close to winning – and the untimely mistakes I made during this match is what propelled me to take notice and make massive improvements in my 8-Ball game.

10 Continuous Process Improvement Steps

The Process of Improving

I watched the video of the match many times over, listened carefully to Jeanette’s commentary, acknowledged my mistakes, dissected them to their most elemental components, isolated and identified each change that needed corrections, and worked very hard on making the improvements in my game needed to beat the pros.

Only through such self-critique and honest assessment, and by implementing constant disciplined practice, re-assessment, and repetition was I able to correct the weaknesses over time which cost me this match.

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*Note: The following are rather technical examples of changes I made to improve my game. However, the methodology I used in assessing which changes to make and to implement for major improvement is closely related to how we can improve our internet marketing campaigns.


An example in my match with Jeanette Lee was my pattern play selection. If I can get good position on the 6-Ball down table (green), I could easily win the game by next having a clear easy shot on the 8-Ball (black).

In my case, the challenge was choosing which ball to shoot first to get position on the 6 Ball (green) down table when I had 2 apparently equal alternatives: either taking the 1-Ball (yellow) in the right corner pocket or the 3- Ball (red) in the left corner pocket.

10 Continuous Process Improvement Steps made me a better player

As Jeanette herself acknowledged in the video, I should have taken the 3-Ball (red) first, then used the 1-Ball (yellow) to get easier position on the 6 Ball down table. I chose to shoot the 1- Ball first (top right of photo) which was the wrong choice, causing me to shoot the 3-Ball second (top left of photo) and failing to get position on the 6 Ball down table (shown bottom of photo) .

So in practice I set up both the 1-Ball and 3-Ball in the exact same position and retested the run out, only this time by implementing the opposite: instead shooting the 3-Ball first then the 1-Ball second using low right English to get position on the 6-Ball. Success!

Now whenever I see a similar opportunity in a real match, I will always take a ball positioned where the 1-Ball (yellow) would be to get down table for easier position on where the 6-Ball (green) would be located.

These corrections and other related factors, such as working on my mental game and choosing the correct play patterns, were the main reasons I was able to later beat 18-time World Pool Champion Mike Massey.

Improving Quality

My 10 Continuous Process Improvement Steps

As with pocket billiards, these are the types of continuous process improvements we as internet marketers need to always be making through thoughtful experimentation and continual testing when we are taking on increasingly difficult new challenges.

So here are my 10 Continuous Process Improvement Steps to follow as an internet marketer, whether it be for your social media ads targeting or new email marketing campaigns:

  • 1. Record all of your work for the campaign and review the results with a trusted expert or mentor
  • 2. Search and isolate each individual key component which caused the campaign or trial to fail
  • 3. Identify 2 alternative options for each component that would have produced a favorable outcome
  • 4. Setup up a simulated campaign repeating the same conditions, and implement your 1st alternative
  • 5. Setup up a simulated campaign repeating the same conditions, and implement your 2nd alternative
  • 6. Run a new real campaign, and implement both of your 1st and 2nd alternatives
  • 7. Record your work for the new campaign and review all the results with a trusted expert or mentor
  • 8. Assess new results from simulated and real campaign trial and define your most effective changes
  • 9. Repeat steps 4-8 and notice which alternatives produced the most consistent favorable results
  • 10. Over x number of campaign trials, assess most favorable alternatives based on highest average

Once you have uncovered your most consistent alternatives which produce steady favorable outcomes, these should always be considered the most reliable “go to” performers to use for that given situation.

10 Continuous Process Improvement Steps made me a better marketer

Some might consider this amount of testing to be a rather arduous scientific method of assessing alternatives leading to consistent performance improvements, however it is much more reliable than using intuitive means and it will certainly bring you the most consistent improved results.

And this is the same method I used to assess and improve my game to beat the 18-time World Pool Champion Mike Massey.

So why not try this for improving your internet marketing?

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Your greater efforts will be well rewarded if you follow these 10 continuous process improvement steps.

Thank you for staying with me through this article and hoping for many Great Future Successes!

As always, feel free to make any comments below.

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KAJU is the band leader and founding member of OFF THE HOOK, one of the premiere dance party bands in the New York Tri-State Area. After contracting a mysterious hand disorder, Kaju now writes to help other musicians and artists deal with disabilities. Currently he is a Full-time Affiliate Marketer and 1-on-1 mentor at Wealthy Affiliate, a community that can help anyone start an online business without prior experience. This is where he teaches others how to make a great passive income. Read more about his story here!

  • Fran Kelso says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize I was talking to a pool pro! I once mentioned to you that we had the enjoyment of pool as something in common, but you are far advanced. The side skills of a professional musician…lol…

    Do you treat each post you write to the 10 continuous process steps? If so, doesn’t that slow your progress a lot? I guess once you do a few of them, you will have a good idea as to the direction you should take. You seem to have the kind of analytical mind that makes such a process easy for you. I wish I could say the same. However, you have given me some ideas. I can see great value in recording your process or work and then reviewing with an expert. Perhaps that process would help me.

    • Kaju says:

      After doing the 10 continuous process steps repetitively for so long, it will flow like running water. It helps to have an analytical mind, so you can break things down, but then in time these all become intuition and feel. Whether it is in mastering a pool shot, or writing a blog post once you master this process Fran, it’s all the same.

      Thanks, and I would love to play you a game of pool!

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